Janet-Laine Green

Donna – the Mum

Janet-Laine is a Canadian actress, director, producer and teacher, active for over 25 years. Best known for her roles in She’s the Mayor, Seeing Things and This is Wonderland, this Toronto-based film and television personality has also been a voice actor for animated series such as Jacob Two-Two, Franklin, Little Bear (as Mother Bear) and The Care Bears (for which she played Wish Bear).

She also provided the voice of the arch villain Xayide in the animated version of The Neverending Story and also Void in WildC.A.T.S.

She has also worked as an associate producer on the film The Circle Game in which she also played as Anna.

Green has nine awards to her credit, five of them Gemini and another two Genie.

She is also active on the Canadian stage. In fact, Theatre Saskathchewan has given the province’s best stage actors, since 1992, a Lifetime Achievement Award named after her; Green even sponsors it.

Green is the mother Goosebumps and Redwall actor Tyrone Savage. Her husband, Booth Savage, wrote the play version of Pillow Talk.