Megan Fahlenbock

Maddie – the boob doctor

Megan fell in love with acting in grade 6 when she played Peter Pan in her school play. A few years later she was “discovered” in a grocery store by a photographer and signed up with a top modeling agency. She did numerous commercials over the next two years and when she was 16, landed a supporting role in the project Lena and my 100 Children in which she played a Holocaust survivor. Megan returned home with a shaved head and decided to take a break from professional acting and focus on her studies, enjoying performing in high school/university theatre and playing sports.

After graduating as an Ontario Scholar, she went to the University of McGill and received a BA in Anthropology. While at university, Megan spent her summers working in professional water-ski shows in Montreal, Italy and Germany and another two years after graduation living in Thailand where she performed in another water-ski show and a live-action stunt show. Megan spent six weeks after her ski/stunt contract ended traveling around India and Nepal where she realized she would never enjoy watching movies again if she didn’t take part in them herself.

Megan returned to Toronto in 1996 to begin her acting career as an adult. She took acting classes with various instructors around the city and became involved with a Theater Sports company and performed weekly shows at the Poor Alex Theater, indulging her comedic side. Megan’s film and television career got a kick start in 1999 when she had a guest spot on Twice in a Lifetime, and a recurring role on Peter Benchly’s Amazon.

Megan has worked on numerous film and television projects over the years. Her recent credits include Warehouse 13, Against the Wall, Being Erica, Good God, King and Suits. Megan also starred in the hilarious and touching indie film, The Baby Formula, directed by Alison Reid, playing one of two wives having each other’s biological babies. You may also recognize Megan’s voice as that of Jen Masterson on the animated series 6Teen and Gwen on Total Drama Island.