Greener Pastures

Production Summer 2011

Genre: live-action/3D animation/VFX, comedy, short film,  cautionary fable

Synopsis: In this macabre fable, a megalomaniac-gardener’s valiant attempt to protect his beloved lawn turns deadly as this grass-obsessed home-owner engages in a battle for the blades against one persistent bugger of a Grub worm.

Moral: when we attack our environment, we are only killing ourselves.

This cautionary environmental tale exemplifies how when we attempt to interfere with nature, everyone loses. Sans dialogue, this comedy short film will blend live action with both 3D animation and VFX to create a hyper-real visual tale that is internationally accessible for a broad age range.


Weed about us:
Written & Directed by Lynne Kamm

Producer Melanie Windle

Executive/Production Consultant Ginger Theisen (VFX Producer The Mummy, Perfect Storm, Star Wars Ep 1)

Animator/3Dartist/Compositor  Brian Vowles (Chronicles of Narnia, Blades of Glory)

This script is completely inspired by my trip out to Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics. There I witnessed these destroyed lawns. Apparently chafer larvae are born in spring and buffet on grass roots, creating bald patches on lawns. Then the crows swarm to dine on the juicy worms, further destroying the yards. This tale already had a natural built in story arc with a dirt simple theme: if you fight the environment, everyone loses. (READ SCRIPT)

Preliminary Character Artwork:

Nematode (the bad bug)

Grubbie's worst nightmare!

Grubbie Concept Sketch

Grubbie B Concept

Grubbie in Action

Cutey Pututey for a Grub